Poland DVB-T users increase

Poland DVB-T

Poland DVB-T users increase

According to estimates by Nielsen Audience Measurement in Poland, in the period from July 2014 to January 2015, the number of households with traditional TV using any technology increased by 0.6 percent (77,000) to 13.05 million. The number of households using satellite TV fell by 1 percent (53,000) to 4.6 million, and the number of viewers of satellite TV decreased by 77,000 to 14.04 million. DTH still remains the most popular method of TV reception in Poland.

Poland DVB-T
Poland DVB-T

Cable TV is used by 4.04 million households and 10.2 million people (down by 7,000). The biggest change was recorded in DVB-T. Currently, this is viewed by 4.41 million households, or 2 percent (85,000) more than a year ago, which is 11.45 million people, up by 8.2 percent (900,000) from July 2014.

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