Finland DVB-T2:Digita to start switching UHF for digital TV from July

Finland DVB-T2
Finland DVB-T2
Finland DVB-T2

Finnish telecoms regulator Ficora said frequency changes for terrestrial television will begin at the end of July. It said this will involve alterations to Digita’s broadcasting on the UHF frequency band. The frequency changes covering the whole country will be completed by the end of 2016 and will happen gradually, a few regions at a time. The first changes will be made during the last week of July in Northern Finland at the transmitter stations located in Suomutunturi, Kemijarvi and in Sarivaara, Salla. In August, the transmitters in Salla, Sodankyla and Utsjoki will be modified.

Housing companies with a joint antenna system will require a technician to retune the main amplifier. Normally, there is no need to modify the antenna system in single family houses.

The frequency changes are based on the Communications Policy Programme for Electronic Media, issued in 2012 by the government to the Parliament of Finland, as well as on international decisions. The 700 MHz frequency range used by the terrestrial television network will be switched to use for wireless broadband at the beginning of 2017.

In addition to introducing Finland DVB-T2 broadcasting technology, frequencies of TV networks must be rearranged so that the amount of television services is not reduced due to the terrestrial television’s smaller frequency range. This is why a significant number of the frequencies used by the main transmitters and gap-fillers of Digita’s UHF broadcasting network will change. Finland DVB-T2 technology is already in use in the multiplexes of the VHF range.

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Finland DVB-T2
Finland DVB-T2
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