DVB-T24 DVB-T22 DVB-T221 compare

Car DVB-T2 HDTV Receiver

DVB-T24 DVB-T22 DVB-T221 Compare

DVB-T24 DVB-T22 DVB-T221 parameter is listed for your references, How to choose car dvb-t2, how to buy car tv? Here is some suggestion for you.

Tuner Antenna Dolby Chip Antenna Power TV Standard Multi PLP
DVB-T24 4 4 Yes Israel Siano 3.3V DVB-T2 only Yes
DVB-T22 2 2 No Israel Siano 3.3V DVB-T2 only Yes
DVB-T221 2 2 Yes Japan Sony 5V DVB-T + T2 Yes


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