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COFDM Android Receiver

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COFDM USB Receiver
COFDM Android Receiver
COFDM Android Receiver

COFDM wireless video audio transmission system advantages:

1.Long range transmission distance
2.Real-time transmission systems
3.Delay time very short less than 500ms
4.Perfect image quality, brighter colors and image smoothness. (we will support video to demonstration it if you sent inquiry)

Product Features:

1.Transmission power 1W
2.Extreme lightweight and rugged housing
3.Vibration and shock resistant
4.Applied COFDM modulation, MPEG-2 / H.264 compression
5.Small dimensions, 102×60×21.5 mm only
6.Perfect for mobile applications
7.High quality of video transmission, no mosaic, no dragging phenomenon, stable power with
adjustable dynamic power;
8.Support NLOS transmission, strong diffraction capability;
Technical Parameters:


Item Description
Modulation Type COFDM QPSK(4QAM), 16QAM, 64QAM
Working Frequency 300-900MHz;( per 1M adjustable)
Antenna Gain 2.15dBi
Transmission Power 30dBm(Adjustable)
RF Bandwidth 1.25/2.5/6/7/8MHz(optional)
FEC(forward error correction) 1/2 2/3 3/4 7/8
Guard Interval 1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Video Input AV(PAL,NTSC)
Video Compression MPEG-2,H.264
Parameter Control Method Adjustable digital LED control panel, 4-core aviation head
RF Interface SMA F head
Encryption Method 128 – bit AES (can set user’s password)
Working Voltage DC12V
Working Current Max 1.55A(@12V)
Working Temperature -10~70℃
Dimensions 102*60*21.5 (mm)(antenna not included)
Weight 170g(antenna not included)
Transmission Distance 100meter high,5-7km distance


This product is a new kind of video wireless video equipment that adopts the latest
technologies of COFDM modulation and MPEG-2 video compression that can complete video
transmission in high-speed motion and NLOS (non line-of-sight) conditions.
The diversity receiving technology greatly improves the receiving quality in all

It has been widely used in many fields such as: Police Forces, First Responders, Security
Services, Fire Services, Port Security, Homeland Security, Traffic Management, Police
Technical Support Units, Special Forces, Military Command and Control Posts, Airport,
Border Control, Major Incident Support etc.

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