Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu T63

Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu T63

Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu High Speed Full Segment HD Digital TV T63

Car ISDB-T High Speed
Car ISDB-T High Speed Full Seg HD MPEG4 ISDB-T63
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu High Speed Full Segment HD Digital TV Program
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Program
Auto ISDB-T High Speed
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Picture
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu High Speed Full Segment HD Digital TV T63
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Channel Search
Car ISDBT TV box
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Channel Auto Search
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu High Speed Full Segment HD Digital TV T63
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Channel Manual Search
Digital Auto ISDB-T for car
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Antenna Power on off
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Automatic Power On off
ISDB-T Automobile
Car ISDB TV English OSD Menu EPG
Car ISDB-T English OSD Menu Time setting
ISDB Car TV Box English OSD Menu Time
Car ISDB-T English
ISDB-T Car English OSD Menu System
ISDB-T How to upgrade
ISDB-T Car English OSD Menu Software Update
ISDB-T how to factory restore
Auto ISDB-T English OSD Menu Restore Factory Default
ISDB-T USB setting
Automoible ISDB-T English OSD Menu PVR Configure
tv box has parental lock?
Auto ISDB-T English OSD Menu Parental Guidance
ISDB-T multimedia playback
Car ISDBT English OSD Menu Multimedia

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  • Fully compatible with the ISDB-T standard
  • Auto and Manual Channel Scan Functions
  • Built in with one moving performance High Sensitivity tuner
  • Minimum receiving sensitivity: One Segment -95db; Full Segment -83db
  • High Performance Antenna Input
  • One CVBS RCA AV Output and One HDMI output, Stereo Audio Output
  • Support high-speed mobile reception
  • USB 2.0 for PVR, Time shift, software upgrade and media files playback
  • Touch screen or IR remote control support (optional for some head unit, need debug protocol)
  • Support Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Channel list
  • Auto search and Manual search supported
  • Support MPEG 1/2/4, H.264 decoding
  • Memory function after power off
  • Easy installation for car
  • Multi-language OSD: English OSD, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Multi-language subtitle and audio output supported
  • Tele text Support
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Parental Control Lock
  • Power supply: DC 12V-24V (12V for Car, 24V for Bus)
  • Program Reminder

Botswana ISDB-T Frequency

Botswana ISDB-T Freuqncy

Botswana ISDB-T Table A1-3 8MHz/ch UHF channels

Channel Start Frequency End Frequency Center Frequency
21 470 478 474
22 478 486 482
23 486 494 490
24 494 502 498
25 502 510 506
26 510 518 514
27 518 526 522
28 526 534 530
29 534 542 538
30 542 550 546
31 550 558 554
32 558 566 562
33 566 574 570
34 574 582 578
35 582 590 586
36 590 598 594
37 598 606 602
38 606 614 610
39 614 622 618
40 622 630 626
41 630 638 634
42 638 646 642
43 646 654 650
44 654 662 658
45 662 670 666
46 670 678 674
47 678 686 682


Botswana ISDB-T Frequency

Botswana-ISDB-T PDF

botswana isdb-t

Philippines ISDB-T
Philippines ISDB-T

7 inch Portable HD Wireless COFDM Receiver

HD Wireless COFDM Receiver

HD Wireless COFDM Receiver

HD Wireless COFDM Receiver

WV-7012HD 7 inch handheld HD wireless COFDM receiver portable
Selling Points:
7 inch  Wireless COFDM Digital AV Handheld receiver

MPEG4, H.264, Touchscreen

800 X 480 HD 1080p digital monitor

Built-in Li rechargeable battery

Recorder / USB Media player

Portable / In-car use / Anywhere

HDMI out

Sweep-frequency function

COFDM modulation and H.264 decoding

Multiband sweep function(English menu)

Small size, lightweight and high reliability

WV-7012HD 7 inch handheld COFDM wireless receiver portable

Six main functions in one set:

1. 7″ HD digital monitor, 800 x 480, digital TV signal, digital display

2. Handheld COFDM MPEG2-4 portable receiver, support h.264 High Definition
3. USB PVR function (Personal Video Recorder, digital video recorder)
4. AV / HDMI output, connect another big TV (Screen power off function)
5. Hi-capacity Rechargeable Li battery for anywhere TV in your hand. ( 3H at Max Power)
6. Touch screen, easy operation, friendly UI design, Bigger OSD


1. Portable HD COFDM digital wireless receiver, Support MPEG2/MPEG4 HE-ACC/H.264/AVC

2. 7 inch TFT LCD Digital Panel wide display (16: 9)
3. Touch screen, easy operation
4. Resolution: 800*480, true HD screen for MPEG4 HD TV signal
5. Built-in HD COFDM digital receiver.
6. HDMI Output
7. EPG function (Electronic Program Guide)
8. PVR function, record TV anytime
9. Hi-capacity battery for long playback time (over 3h at Max Power)
10. Multi Language Support English, Hebrew, Greek, Persian, Russian, Spainish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Danish or do what you need.
11. USB Upgrade, support AVI, AVI-Xvid, AVI-Xvid4, AVI-Xvid5, PVR, MP3, JPG, BMP.
12. Auto searching and update bit rate information
13. Pre-store function for 1000pcs channels
14. Power Memory, EPG function, Remote control
15. Support Teletext, new BIG OSD menu


1. DVB-T Input frequency: VHF 177.5MHz – 226.5MHz
    UHF 474MHz – 858MHz
2. Modulate: QPSK/16 – QAM/64-QAM
3. Decode standard: MPEG1, HD MPEG2, SD MPEG2,
    MPEG4(H.264/AVC: HP@L4.1,MP@L4.1,VC-1:AP@L3,L2)
4. Audio decode standard: MPEG-1, and-2, layer 1 and 2,
    MPEG-4, HE-AAC
5. Power Supply: DC 5V 8W
WV-7012HD New Design portable COFDM AV receiver(with sweep-frequency function),has advantages of small size and lightweight.Support high speed mobile transmission and NLOS reception.Using 7 inch TFT high resolution touch control and display,and providing concise control experience and perfect image,while adding spectrum scan function that can quick to search the current area caused by the same frequency interference from surrounding equipments which can provide reference quick data for installation.The product widely used in secuirty,fire,broadcasting and TV,emergency communications and other industries.


Power supply: DC5V/1.0A (Built-in battery,support about 3 hours  continuously  working time);

Video output: CVBS interface; 3.5mm jack;HDMI output

Audio output:option: CVBS,3.5mm jack headphone

Frequency:VHF 177.5MHz – 226.5MHz

UHF 474MHz – 858MHz step in 1MHz;



Decoding mode:H.264/MPEG-2

Sweep-frequency function:Built-in frequency sweep function options menu

Parameter control method:Easy to set up parameters via touch-screen by user

RF signal receiving interface: IEC type(50Ω)

HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver

WV-7012HD support to manual input special frequency, then it will get the TV reception at this frequency as wireless HD video transmission transmitters.

HD Wireless COFDM Receiver
HD Wireless COFDM Receiver


DVB-T2 Russia

DVB-T2 Russia

DVB-T2 Russia

DVB-T2 Russia

DVB-T2 Russia News:Communications Union (MKS) has prepared new rules for online video distributed in Russia.

According to AKTR and TV Digest, they have been included in a draft law that envisages that no less than 80% of content will be in Russian and a minimum 30% of movies and TV shows in catalogues Russian productions.

Furthermore, the sector would be overseen by Roskomnadzor, which would have the power to close down regulators.

Previously, Sergei Petrov, the head of MKS, has spoken of the need to regulate the activities of foreign video streaming services in Russia.

He is of the view that there should be a level playing field for all video streaming services.

Meanwhile, Alexei Byrdin, the head of the association Internet Video, believes the proposed new rules are redundant.

DVB-T2 Russia
DVB-T2 Russia

VCAN Russia DVB-T2 Products:DVB-T240 4 x 4 Siano Tuner Diversity Antenna Car dvb-t2 digital receiver

Features:Support H.264/AVC, MPEG2~MPEG4 Video Decode;Available to upgrade the firmware via USB slot;USB Recorder, PVR;Standard for DVB-T2; VCAN also offer only DVB-T software, then it will meet for some only DVB-T countries now, upgrade DVB-T2 software future if T2 is available. Tuner 4 Antenna DVBdigital.TVreceiver.Auto searching and updating bit rate information;Storage for 2000pcs channels;Memory function after power off;Support OSD TELETEXT;Multi Language Support: English, Russian,Thailand.youneed. EPG program guide and PIG(Picture in Graphics )Function;6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz Band-wide;HDMI output (One route);Audio-R, Audio-L output;Support IR output and extended remote sensor receiver.

Specifications:Input frequency: VHF 177.5MHz – 226.5MHz UHF 474MHz – 858MHz.Modulate: QPSK/16 – QAM/256-QAM.Decode standard: MPEG4,MP@ML,MP@HL,H.264/AVC.Audio decode standard: MPEG-1, and-2,layer and 2, MPEG-4, HEAAC.One way CVBS RCA output:Output Resistance: 75 ohm.Output Voltage: 1.0`2.0mVp-p.Audio output: 2Vp-p.Power Supply: DC 12V~24V 6W.Connecting Terminal:. Active amplifier antenna input jack (5V supply), car power input jack (Battery+, Battery) , R/L Audio CVBS Video output jack, External remote control IR cord jack, USB upgrade socket, HDMI Highdefinition output jack.Applicable Power Supply: Car storage battery (12V~ 24V).Outer dimension: 150mm x 75mm x 26mm.Application Temperature: -5 ~40 degree.

Russia DVB-T2
Russia DVB-T2
Russia DVB-T2
Russia DVB-T2

Croatia prepares DVB-T2

Croatia Prepares DVB-T2

Croatia Prepares DVB-T2

Croatia Prepares DVB-T2

Croatia Prepares DVB-T2: The Croatian regulator HAKOM is working on a new strategy for the transition to DVB-T2.Reports indicate that the system will not be implemented before 2019 in order to give viewers sufficient time to buy new reception equipment.Significantly, all TV sets sold in the country from next year will have to clearly show if they support DVB-T2.Under the strategy, all national channels in Croatia will be broadcast in HD following the transition to the standard.HAKOM has published the Recommendation on minimum receiver technical requirements for the reception of DVB-T and DVB-T2 signal in the Republic of Croatia.

Robert Jukic and Denis Nikola Kulisic, the respective CEOs of Croatian Post and Croatia’s national transmission company OiV, have signed a 10-year digital TV cooperation agreement.As a result, Croatian Post will operate two DTT multiplexes (MUX C and MUX E), employing DVB-T2 technology and each eventually covering at least 95% of the country.Croatia completed the transition to digital broadcasting in a record time of 10 months in 2010 and began DVB-T2 trials shortly afterwards.Speaking at a business breakfast organised by Broadband TV News and Telenor Satellite Broadcasting last November, the regulator HAKOM said the country would start employing DVB-T2 on two multiplexes from this year.

Croatia Prepares DVB-T2
Croatia Prepares DVB-T2

VCAN have new products:DVB-T2K Car DVB-T2 DVB-T USB HDMI High Speed HD SD TV receiver 2 Active Antenna flying tuner

DVB-T2K functions:Support H.264/AVC, MPEG2~MPEG4 Video Decode.Available to upgrade the firmware via USB slot.USB Recorder, PVR,Standard for DVB-T and DVB-T2.Auto searching and updating bit rate information.Storage for 2000pcs channels. Memory function after power off.Support OSD TELETEXT.Multi Language Support: English, Russian,French, Germany, Spainish, Italian, Portuguese,Danish,Czech, WeCan do what you need.EPG program guide and PIG(Picture in Graphics )Function.6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz Band-wide.HDMI output (One route).Audio-R, Audio-L output.Support IR output and extended remote sensor receiver.Google DVB-T2H to get perfect technology support and update software.

VCAN car DVB-T2 new model DVB-T221,This one have more functions than DVB-T2K.:DVB-T221 Car DVB-T2 DVB-T MULTI PLP Digital TV Receiver automobile DTV box


1. Now Support DVB-T / DVB-T2 + High Speed.

(Now DVB-T, future updated DVB-T2, once buy, save money.)

2. Support Multi PLP, say goodbye to missing channel

3. Support H.264/AVC, MPEG2~MPEG4 HD Video Decode;

4. Available to upgrade the firmware via USB slot;

5. USB Recorder, PVR, multimedia play, support HDD;

6. Auto searching and updating bit rate information;

7. Storage for 2000pcs channels;

8. Memory function after power off;

9. Support OSD TELETEXT;

10. Multi Language Support: English, Russian,Thai, Spanish etc.

11. EPG program guide and PIG(Picture in Graphics )Function;

12. 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz Band-wide;

13. HD output (One route);

14. 2x Video output, Stereo Audio-R, Audio-L output;

15. Support IR output and extended remote sensor receiver;

16. Google DVB-T221 to get perfect technology support and update software.

17. Support AUX AV input.

18. Tuner support power for active amplified antenna (VCAN0961

19. 10~32V widely power supply, special designed for car or bus.

20. Smart module design, even built-in your dvd / gps play.

21. Touch screen operation is optional. (Need debug and ODM)

22. Power DC jack, one cigarette lighter to connect easily

VCAN car DVB-T2:

Botswana ISDBT digital set top box

Botswana ISDBT digital set top box News:  Botswana is working to bring the first digital set top box (STB’s) to the local retail market by June, according to Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Dikgang Makgalemele. The country earlier chose the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial (ISDB-T) standard for the launch of digital broadcasting. Makgalemele said this was based on the outcome of a comparative assessment and evaluation of technical and performance capabilities of the Botswana ISDB-T and the DVB-T2 standard, BOPA reported.

Botswana has set March 2016, as the new deadline for digital migration, after the country missed the deadline that had been set for June 2015. Deputy permanent secretary for Information and Broadcasting Services, Mogomotsi Kaboeamodimo, said migration to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) from analogue is on track, the BOPA reported. He said the project would soon be a reality following the successful installation of transmitters in many villages around the country.

Botswana ISDBT
Botswana ISDBT

VCAN have new products:DVB-T2S

Here is the detail:DVB-T2S Micro USB Digital DVB-T DVB-T2 TV Tuner Receiver for android pad

Selling Points:
Small and Smart,DVB-T2 and DVB-T,Free View TV,No Need Internet,No Month Fee

This is the function:Support change channels by touch screen,Support record free to air DVB-T2 tv shows and store in phone or pad,Support Playback recorded tv shows,Support DVB-T / DVB-T2 MPEG2 MPEG4 TV,Easy View EPG to check TV program Guide,Rewind and Fast Forward live TV shows with Time shifting recording,Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Supporting HDTVReceiving,Automatic TV channels searching (also support manual search),Create favorite channels for convenient watching,High sensitivity under low signal broad casting area.

1. How long the antenna cable?

VCAN: The longest antenna is 2 meter. (If need longer, please note VCAN when order)

2. Where can I find the Android install APK?



Botswana ISDB-T:

VCAN car DVB-T2:

9 inch Digital DVB-T2 TV Analog TV monitor

 Digital DVB-T2 TV

 Digital DVB-T2 TV

 Digital DVB-T2 TV

 Digital DVB-T2 TV

 Digital DVB-T2 TV

DTV900-DVBT2 9 inch Digital TV Analog TV USB TF MP5 player AV in Rechargeable Battery

Digital DVB-T2 TV

Digital DVB-T2 TV

9 inch monitor Digital DVB-T2 TV, Analog TV, USB TF MP5 player, AUX AV in, Rechargeable Battery, Remote Control, Antenna

Digital  DVB-T2 TV Selling Points:

9 inch Digital TV (DVB-T2, DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T)
Analog TV (Pal / NTSC)
USB TF MP5 player
Rechargeable Battery
Including Antenna

Digital DVB-T2 TV Specification:

CPU Main chip set: Mstar

Language: En,Fr,Ru,Portuguese,Span,Thai,Arab,Ch simple/trad

DDR: 128M


Screen: 9 inch TFT LCD digital Panel

Resolution: 800 x 480 (1024 x 600 optional)

DTV900 input output Jack:

Power DC in (3.5mm)

TF Card





TV Antenna input

Control Button: MENU, VOL-, VOL+, CH-, CH+, MODE, ENTER/PAUSE

VCAN recommended Speaker: 8Ω/2W  Φ28mm, 2pcs

Digital TV tuner inside: DVB-T2, DVB-T or ISDB-T full seg

Analog TV tuner inside: Yes


Audio format: MP3/WAV/AAC/FLAC/APE/WMA

Video format: RM/RMVB/AVI/MKV/VOB/MOV/ASF/DAT/MPEG/MP4/3GP/WMV/FLV,    Support 1080P

Picture format: JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG

Rechargeable Battery: 7.4V/1300mah

Charger: 12V/1A or 9V/1.5A

Digital DVB-T2  TVAccessory: 

DTV900-DVBT2 x1

Power Charger x1

Road Antenna x1

Sucker Antenna x1

Remote control x 1

User manual X1