Croatia DVB-T2 is planning to switch

Croatia DVB-T2

The Croatia DVB-T2 Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (Hakom) is working on a new draft strategy for the transition to the DVB-T2 MPEG-4 DTT standard, the regulator told daily 24sata. The strategy also foresees that all national TV channels will broadcast in HD. The new digital broadcasting system will not be implemented before 2019, in order to give Croatians time to purchase new reception equipment. From 2017, all TV sets sold in Croatia will have to clearly state whether they support the new DTT system.

Croatia DVB-T2
Croatia DVB-T2

The Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (Hakom) is planning to introduce in the second half of 2016 a do-not call registry. As a result consumers will be able to state that they do not want to receive calls, SMS or MMS that advertise goods and services. Implementation of the registry will be preceded by a public consultation on an amendment to the Ordinance on the manner and conditions for providing electronic communications networks and services, in order to regulate sales by phone. During 2016, the regulator said it will start also work on two new applications for simpler, cheaper and faster resolution of requests by consumers or businesses. Also planned is a public consultation on the ordinance on sharing communications infrastructure. Finally, the regulator plans to start work on the switch to DVB-T2 broadcasting and releasing the second digital dividend spectrum.

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