Romania DVB-T2 Romania’s SNR announces winners of first DTV contracts

Romania DVB-T2
Romania DVB-T2

Romanian state-owned broadcasting company Societatea Nationala de Radiocomunicatii (SNR, Radiocom) named Ericsson Romania, Frontal Communication, Imagine Communications and RomTek as the winners of the second contract of its digital TV project, writes local publication citing a SNR statement.

The winners of the auction will be responsible with the creation and deployment of a network of antennas that will allow the operator to provide digital TV services. Romanians will have the possibility to receive via the air a maximum of 16 public and private TV programmes without paying a subscription fee.

For the reception of programmes, one needs a simple terrestrial antenna and a digital TV (DVB-T2 standard) or a classic TV connected to a DVB-T2 digital receiver. For now, SNR, which operates the platform, does tests in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj and Iasi, and its package of transmitted programmes only comprises state television’s channels TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, TVR News and TVR HD.

The auction has two parts and the project has a value of RON 115.64 million (with VAT). The first contract, which has an estimated cost of over RON 101.5 million (excluding VAT), concerns the acquisition of equipment, services and related works. The second contract, which is divided into 4 lots, has a total estimated value of over RON 14.05 million and concerns the reconfiguration and the Headend DVB-T Herastrau functional extension for one MUX DVB-T2 with 16 SD programmes, electronic programme guide (EPG), insertion of data, a management system to include site transmitters including for checking the single frequency networks (SFN) conditions, among others. It also comprises a billing system for producers of content included in a headend management system.

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Romania DVB-T2
Romania DVB-T2
Romania DVB-T2
Romania DVB-T2
Romania DVB-T2
Romania DVB-T2

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